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Liz Ogumbo - KenSoul

In everything she does, Liz Ogumbo is a true original so it’s unsurprising to find that there is no easy category for the music that she’s been recording and releasing since 2010.  In response to this, Liz created "The KenSoul Experience” – an all-encompassing description for this remarkable Afropolitan’s creative output and ongoing journey.


Already, two acclaimed albums have delivered the KenSoul Experience to music lovers around the world – music fans who have delighted in the way Liz embraces her roots and culture to create a sound that is defiantly African, yet unmistakably global. Both KenSoul, her debut album released in 2010, and 2018’s KenSoul, The Lotus Chapter, beautifully reflect Liz’s genre-agnostic sound, her Kenyan soul and her life experiences.  

Liz’s music carries a playful, irresistible energy that is visible in her songwriting and performing, which passionately expresses a soul journey with musical roots that are anchored in Kenya’s Luo tradition. Also included in this powerful musical mix are Swahili - chakacha sounds, all carried by earthy vocals, percussive Hangar-inspired elements and humid, coastal beats and lyrics.


Listening to Liz’s music is both sensuous and unforgettable. We invite you to explore her KenSoul.

"KenSoul represents my Kenyan soul that allows me to stylishly weave stories of my Kenyan origin and global influences in the KenSoul experience"

Liz Ogumbo-Regisford.

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