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Liz Ogumbo LIVE

Liz Ogumbo’s performances have been described as uplifting, near spiritual and always joyful.


Alongside her diverse repertoire of songs and commitment to excellence in everything she does, Liz’s live shows make full use of two additional elements that ensure she stands out.


One of these is Chakacha – a Swahili cultural dance that Liz learnt growing up in Kenya and which she describes as “the most sensual dance I know of beyond my geographical boundaries”. Those who’ve seen Liz perform live have witnessed how she weaves Chakacha into her live show, adding another layer to one of the most engaging performances in contemporary African music.


The second standout feature of Liz’s energetic live shows is the visual element which makes full use of her unique fashion sense that takes expression in her celebrated, eponymous fashion label.


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"Wape wape vidonge vyao, wakimeza wakitema, ni shauri yao"


Liz Ogumbo #GiveThemHope

Liz Ogumbo-Regisford.


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