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Welcome to Liz Ogumbo's KenSoul

Music EPK


Origin: Kenya

Genre: KenSoul

Years Active: Since 2010

Label: Independent

Official Websites:

With wide-ranging influences – from hip hop, to reggae, jazz, taraab, chakacha and blues – Liz Ogumbo realised very early on in her musical journey that it would be difficult to find a genre for her sound. At the core of her songwriting and performing is her Kenyan Soul, her KenSoul, and Liz’s KenSoul Experience descriptor perfectly captures Liz as she is today - her roots and culture, her contribution to music and fashion, and her passion for Africa.

KenSoul is the title of Liz’s first album, released to acclaim in 2010 - and is the reference point for her recently released follow-up, KenSoul, The Lotus Chapter. Traversing multiple influences and expressed in Luo, Swahili, English and French – Liz’s two albums reflect her genre-agnostic sound, her Kenyan soul and her life experiences. 

Her humorous writing and skilled storytelling, combined with her smoky, sultry vocal abilities place Liz as one of Africa’s most notable artists, with KenSoul, The Lotus Chapter delivering a new set of songs that are as inventive as they are memorable. The 12-track album builds on the strong foundation laid by KenSoul – a record that signalled just how wide-ranging Liz’s creative gifts are, and how genre-agnostic her sound is.




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