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Exploring KenSoul Through Dance

The chakacha dance is like dreaming through hips. Amongst many cultural dances from my Kenyan culture, chakacha has always been a  highlight.

The chakacha dance is a Swahili culture dance I learnt growing up in Kenya because it is the most sensual dance I know of beyond my geographical boundaries.


A very sensual-hip-swaying dance once you have rolled your leso/khanga up, you need to tie it strategically around the waist & hip area. You have to figure out where it works best for your body to allow you to be comfortable enough to wine your waist away effortlessly. By this point, your facial muscles need to be as relaxed as possible because you are relaxed. And then you wine, and wine, and wine again slowly and carefully without causing any more harm.


The wining ideally should happen in a circular balanced rhythm so that you are not focusing or taking longer on the left, right or center hip because it’s got to just go and flow with an equal balance.


If you have great hip and waist coordination like the belly dancers, you should be able to wing this dance.

"KenSoul represents my Kenyan soul that allows me to stylishly weave stories of my Kenyan origin and global influences in the KenSoul experience"

Liz Ogumbo-Regisford.

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