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About Liz Ogumbo

"I am, because you are, because we are...UBUNTU kwa kila mtu"


Liz Ogumbo #UBUNTU

Liz Ogumbo-Regisford.

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Liz Ogumbo KenSoul 1.jpg

Liz has been building her music brand and career since 201 with two album releases snd a few single hits since 2010. 


KenSoul is also the title of Liz’s first album, released to acclaim in 2010 - and is the reference point for her recently released follow-up, KenSoul, The Lotus Chapter.


Traversing multiple musical influences and expressed in Luo, Swahili, English and French. Her two albums reflect her genre-agnostic sound, her Kenyan soul and her life experiences.


Through her music career, Liz has written 27 songs released and published through her publishing, 'Sony publishing' and is getting ready to release her third album, KenSoul; Phoenix Rising Chapter.  Her humorous writing and skilled storytelling, combined with her smoky, sultry vocal abilities and mature yet playful sound, mark out Liz as one of Africa’s most notable artists.

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