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DeniMania Series

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Music takes us all on a journey differently. Sometimes it lingers around the genre and other times it lingers in the language of delivery of song. Many times it could be just the hook or the melodies and harmonies, but either way, we get to traverse so far and beyond just through music.

Music takes us all on a journey differently. Sometimes it lingers around the genre and other times it lingers in the language of delivery of song. Many times it could be just the hook or the melodies and harmonies, but either way, we get to traverse so far and beyond just through music.

As I sat in lockdown quietly in solitude, I could hear everything in life so much more clearly. The birds chirped louder and the breeze brushed though the leaves even louder, but the one thing that did not change was the fact that I found myself sitting in the same house moving in the same direction and doing the same things over and over again.


With travel bans and closed borders, and the long list of restrictions that still goes on and on, I finally set myself on the pursuit of a virtual journey that would allow me to get away temporarily. I decided to create this concert to enable you and I to travel virtually through my audio waves shared through this Phoenix Rising digital lockdown concert series and I hope you can appreciate it.

Live Performance Set List

Oringo Bayoyo, Liz Ogumbo

This a 'Liz Ogumbo Original' fave because it rekindles my childhood memories, bringing back so much joy to my soul. The style of music and dance in a circle is no exception throughout many cultures around the world. Here is my play on 'Oringo Bayoyo.'

Kenya, East Africa, Africa.

Don: Xander Pratt Ft Liz Ogumbo

This is an original collaboration with my brother Xander Pratt. In this new day, there is power in claiming power. I want to Don, he wants to Don and I want you to Don so we can all vibrate in our highest. I share a teaser to open up fully on another set.

Our World

Previsao: Rendition - BussaCucaNova Ft Adriana Calcanhotto

This is my rendition of one of the many Brazilian ballads I fell in love with in my pursuit to discover Brazil. They say language is the doorway to understanding culture and thats exactly how it started. This was the 1 Brazilian (Portuguese) song I learnt during my first visit to Brazil to get me closer to the culture and language basics.


Reggae mash-up: Frankie Paul, Buju Banton, Barrington Levy, Beres Hammond & Chaka Demus & Pliers

I love reggae music and this is my way of pulling up records I grew up on for a little rendition in my way. On this set, I rendition Frankie Paul's, 'Pass the Tu-Sheng Peng,' a little bit of Barrington Levy's 'Too experienced,' Buju Banton's 'Love sponge' Beres Hammond & Buju Banton's 'Falling In love ..'and hints of Chaka Demus 'Bam Bam.' This is just the beginning of these mash-ups with a focus on 'lovers rock.' I will be back with more to pay tribute to my reggae music legends.


Latina mash-up: Rendition - Buena Vista Social Club & Groupo Niche

Who would not want to have this beautiful Latina tunes on repeat even if they do not understand the language? On this set, I rendition La negra no quiere by Grupo Niche. I also bring back El Cuarto De Tula by Buena Vista Social Club. It is all about what the beauty and richness of culture brings to our lives. I enjoy salsa and through listening and dancing, I have got to learn so much about the music, the bands and the stories around this rich culture. 

Cuba  |  Colombia


As you may know, fashion coincides with music and vice versa. This is the reason I bring to life both elements of music and fashion to visually and audibly stimulate your senses in unison. I am a fashion creative and designer and therefore it only makes sense to highlight my fashion highs finding ways to compliment each series experience. 


For this concert themed 'DeniMania',  I have curated the fashion, music and lifestyle to highlight everything I love about denim. I carefully thought out each music element of the live performance aspect along with the journey it would take you and I through by curating a style aesthetic for each series that would be a great representation of the music.

With denim's long history and never-ending highs, there is so much to love about her and yet so much concern around her existence. Despite the fact that denim was originally made of wool, the trend shifted to cotton. Cotton cultivation and processing has sustainability issues because it requires 1500 gallons of water to grow 1.5 pounds of cotton that is needed to produce a pair of jeans. Denim is usually made with indigo-dyed warp yarn and undyed weft yarn. The indigo dye used was natural and derived from plant source, but later the trend shifted to synthetic indigo dye. Again, sustainability issues arose. The use of metal accessories such as buttons, zippers and rivets such as leather-look labels and composition and care labels used in jeans production makes it difficult to recycle them. This chapter throws light on the denim industry across the globe, the environmental impacts of denim processing, and the major sustainability issues associated with the denim industry."

--Science Direct

"The reason I have highlighted the denim in this series is to sensitise all lifestyle and fashion lovers who love denim on the effect it has on our environment and why you as a consumer should focus on buying less denim and upcycling more of your already existing pieces for some environmental TLC."

From skirts, to shirts, jeans, face masks, table mats to wine bags as the list goes on, each of these denim fashion and lifestyle items are featuring on my shop this month only. Available at my shop


As I looked around me, I realised that the galleries were still closed and I had to find an alternative a way to incorporate the art element into this story. On my walls at home sat these abstract pieces of art that represented street, Africa and the whole world that can relate to doodling, just like denim and it's universal appeal. This art is by Zanzibarian street artists Liyo and Duilya. The pieces were created in 2007 and literally sold off the beach for a great bargain.  What better way to include them into this DeniMania lockdown series of Phoenix Rising.

Food, Wine & lifestyle

As a winepreneur under my wine label Liz Ogumbo Wines, wine is always an element to pair with the food and compliment the lifestyle experience which is also highlighted by the denim wine accessories and fashion in this series. There were no chefs to feature during the production of this series due to the Covid-19 restrictions at the time and therefore, I had to boast my food enthusiasm remotely. 

Phoenix Rising #DeniMania #LockdownSeries :


Venue: At Home - Liz Ogumbo

Wine: Liz Ogumbo Wines

Food: At Home - Liz Ogumbo

Fashion: Liz Ogumbo Fashion Brand (DeniMania)

Art: Liz Ogumbo - At Home FT Zanzibarian Artist Lahia

Music Composition | Direction: Liz Ogumbo 

Music live & post production  - Kevin Leicher

Guitar - Kevin Leicher

Video Production : Kgaugelo, Sabeta & Liz Ogumbo

Photographer crew: Jamie Rae & Kgaugelo Sabeta

Make-up: Sydney & Zakiyya Bham 

Wardrobe/Stylist/ Fashion: Liz Ogumbo

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