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Fear 3 Dof Disable Tool Zip ##VERIFIED##


Element Vein- Enabled Element Veins- Updated elementnode harvest components to not be harvestable with anything other than metal tools- Element harvest values adjusted to fit our desires- Lost corrupt dinos now teleport to the path- Changed priority selection for points and difficulties- Changed auto-destruct time to 1 hr- Fixed edge case where events would stop spawning

Mek- Fix for Mega Mek regaining health- Set Mek pistol to be unable to damage metal or tek - Increased damaged to Mek when in siege mode- Disabled shield retracting when Mek is still flying upward - Fixed issue with Mek shields preventing the buffs/debuffs from applying- Prevented shield from deploying within range of enemy turrets- Mek siege cannon and missile pod projectiles move slower and can now be properly targetable by turrets- Adjusted Mek charge-up for siege to be quicker- Adjusted Mek drag weight to match their size- Auto-colorize Mek backpacks with the Mek's colors- Can now shoot pistol while not aiming- Fixed issue where Mek would be pushed in siege mode - Disabled hit react in siege mode- Icon now shows level- Unmounting a Mek in tight spaces will no longer eject a player out of the map- Spyglass use disabled while in Mek- Fix for Mek damage bug that was caused by low server FPS

- Extinction Expansion Pack!- Removed Bodybags exploit!- Group ranking number increased by 5- Temporarily disabled Enforcer deployment due to crash- Temporarily disabled Mek deployment due to crash

Extinction Chronicles III: - Added Tek Raptor * New breeding line * 5% chance to spawns * 20% higher base level - Added new color set (red, black, white, grey) - Added 3 new Explorer Notes and matching unlock (Corrupted Pants) - Increased maximum player level by 1Aberration Balance: - Increased Plant-Z range by 300% - Enabled Tek Teleporter on AberrationScorched Balance: - Electrical storm disables only Tek weapons/armor - Crop plots can now be grown where you'd expect (no more sunlight issues)Center Balance: - Increased Element from bosses

Important notice regarding the upcoming turret change: as of v520 turrets will be hard-number limited to 100. This means that you will not be able to build over 100 turrets within a 10k unit radius, however existing set-ups with over 100 turrets will still function as normal until the a future date yet to be announced when we will enable the hard limit, which will retroactively disable (randomly selected) turrets that are over the 100 limit from functioning.

- Creative Mode building (an admin command which you can trigger on yourself/another player which removes weight restrictions, crafting requirements, and unlocks all the engrams. Allowing you to freely craft items to your hearts content. Must relog to disable the effect). Creative mode can be activated using the following commands: "Cheat GCM" to activate it on yourself, "Cheat GiveCreativeModeToTarget" to toggle for a player on the center of your screen, and "Cheat GCMP" to toggle for a player by their ID.- Host option to disable fog. - Add messages to tribe logs with information about uploading and downloading creatures- Made a respawning player not targettable by Wild AI- Option to hide learned engrams- Players can now directly go from Proning to Crouching position- Ambient Sounds have their own volume slider- Created a "Use Last PIN Code" so players can quickly access secured structures- Server option which makes the Silencer hide the name of the player who has killed you from the kill message and tribe log (enabled by default on Console, disabled on PC Official PvP servers)- Server Option to make Supply Crates random.- AxisMapping is now taken into account when underwater- Cooldown added to tribe's changing their name- 5 Second character and base immunity added to ORP servers when first logging in- Fixed a collision issue affecting some dino gates that allowed unintended entry- Fixed multiple client-side and server-side crashes- Fixed multiple exploits that allowed players to get through the mesh or world barriers- Fixed a bug which allowed structures to powered infinitely- Fixed a bug which allowed players to gain a lot of height when using the zipline- Fixed a bug with Grappling hook which allowed it to be reeled in much quicker than intended- Fixed a bug which made TEK Sniper not lose any element when zooming in- TEK projectiles no longer damage structures with splash damage after the projectile has traveled for 5000 units- TEK projectiles no longer explode midair- Fixed a bug which allowed players to exceed the boss arena caps- Fixed a bug which allowed players to speed up the baby raising process for water creatures- All TEK structures now have an element cost, though in some cases may be in the form of shards- Smoke nades and Posion nades now have different impact sounds to distinguish between them- Railings can no longer be built within distance of enemy foundations- Demo Timers are now hidden behind the Extended Info option (H)- Can longer prevent turret targeting with cables- Can no longer handcuff a player to a TEK Bed- Fixed an issue where the Tek Teleporter built on pillars/ceilings would push players and creatures beneath it.- Fixed a crash caused by using ForceTame when riding a Dino- Improved Red Crystal collision so they can be harvested more efficiently by Anky- Corrected the Aquatic Mushroom description- Removed collision from glowsticks which would cause movement problems with certain creatures- Fixed multiple client/server crashes- Fixed an issue where some zip line anchors were outside of replication range, preventing them from being used.- Fixed a case which would allow players mounted on certain creatures to throw/place C4 a lot further (e.g. Stego)- Corrected an incorrect icon with the Seeker Dossier- Fixed a case where teleporting outside of a large base with the TEK Teleporter would show foliage that was harvested- Fixed multiple map issues (holes and collision)- Fixed a case where some foliage would not replicate appropriately on Aberration- Turrets now respect enemy foundation placement rules, and there is a 30-second spin-up time when being powered by a battery.- You can now scroll the chatbox using a game controller by holding down the BACK Action Wheel, and selecting the Scroll Chat Box option. This will highlight the chatbox. To exit this mode, just press back button on your controller (B/Circle)- Tribe ownership in hardcode mode is now transferred to the next person in line when the owner of a hardcore tribe is killed- Mini map overhaul:

UI Related:* Chat Box offset is now fixed when scaling the UI* Chat Box no longer covers hotbar when inventory is open* R2 will now craft single items from engrams* Buttons re-arranged in inventory UI in order of player usage* Hold down R2 on consumables for rapid usage* Tooltips now lets you decide whether you want to show the item name or the item info using specific callouts* Non-data tooltips are instantaneous* Game Input changes:

v501.2- "Detailed Graphics" Option now runs 1080p native on PS4 Pro- Fixed Fonts not appearing properly if running PlayStation with languages other than English, French, Italian, or German (until this patch is released, if your game is not displaying Fonts correctly, please change your system langauge to one of those)- Europe: Primitive+ added- Option to disable Outgoing Voice Chat (for Streamers etc)- Fixed Invites- Fixed N/A Ping times sorting incorrectly- Fixed Ping times to player-hosted servers- Fixed Cross-Ark List to display only the servers you can actually transfer to- Fixed a case where you could get stuck in trees / foliage- Fixed miscellaneous crashes and improved API-related use cases

- Before you'll start modding. Disable Steam overlay, Afterburner overlay, add Skyrim to your antivirus/firewall "white list". Disable all possible overlays, "boosters", "tuners" programs you may be using in general. All of them can and most likely will screw up your modded game and/or it's many settings. - Also, make sure to disable autosaves in SkyrimPrefs.ini (set bSaveOnPause, bSaveOnTravel, bSaveOnWait and bSaveOnRest to 0). - Do not use any CC (Creation Club) content. All CC mods have better (and free) alternatives available on the modding stage. I won't be able to provide troubleshooting support if CC mods are used due to possible bugs and compatibility issues. - Follow the guide slowly without a rush. If it's written here to limit your fps using enblocal fps limiter - do it, and don't use and third-party software for it, and so on. You got the idea. Also, never have Skyrim installed in Program Files. If you have it there - reinstall it on another drive, or at the same drive, but out of Program Files folder. Lastly, it's heavily recommended to disable game autoupdates in Steam.

4) Download and install LOOT. LOOT is a must-have tool if you're planning to have many mods. It's very easy to install and use. Its most basic and important function is mod sorting. Many mods should be loaded in strict load order to work properly together. "This mod should be loaded before that mod, but after that", and so on. LOOT makes miracles! You can automatically sort most of your mods properly by just clicking a button twice. Sometimes (it happens rarely, so you probably won't have to think about it) some mods have direct instructions about how they should be loaded, in this case it's also easy to sort them manually using it. Also, LOOT shows you all you need to know about your installed mods - errors, missing records etc. In many cases, if something is not right - it will let you know and it will advise you. In most of cases, you' won't need to read and learn more than this to use it, but if something is unclear or you want to learn advanved usage of LOOT (which can come in handy from time to time), check this awesome video. Use LOOT sorting each time after you've installed a few mods. 153554b96e


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