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There might be rare occasions where we might have to change your selected / preferred carrier service to another carrier. This might be due to weight restrictions, unprecedented demand for their service or infact a delivery which is not possible due to a destination issues. For these rare occasions, the switch to another Carrier will be a like for like service e.g, next day delivery, delivery before 10am etc. We will cover all additional costs for the amended service and in the rare case where the new service is at a cheaper cost, we would then honour a refund for the difference in price.

We will then advise you whether to return the goods to ourselves directly or the manufacturer depending upon the problem. We accept the return of goods sent back to us as long as you follow the below conditions. We will refund you any money which you have paid us for the item or offer you an alternative product of similar value as a replacement if required, If the similar product is cheaper, we will automatically refund you the difference. The only costs you incur is the return postage of the unwanted goods and our postage costs we incurred for sending the goods to you. We do not, however, accept the return of opened and/or part used goods.

I have used almost every major brand of protein right from cheap ones sold in Walmart to obscenely priced ones. I have also spent years analyzing those microscopic texts on product labels as if my life depended on it. 59ce067264


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