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What did that take All of 2 minutes effort on your part. Unwrap the brie, bake or microwave it. Open packet of crispy toasted bread (or make your own), plonk a bunch of grapes on the side. And voila! Your party starter is ready to impress your family and friends.

Elegant Brie is a unique and truly delicious baked brie appetizer. This gourmet delight combines creamy brie cheese-rind removed, fresh filling ingredients, and a flaky crust to create the perfect hors d'oeuvre.

Made with cashews, this delicious Classic Brie delivers all the goodness of traditional brie without the dairy, giving you a great alternative for those who miss the rich, creamy flavor and texture of the classic cheese. You'll be the hit of the party when you show up with this wheel in hand, even those who aren't dairy-free can't tell the difference!

A soft, delicate rind sprinkled like fine layers of powdered snow atop a creamy center makes our Castello Double Créme White worthy of self-indulgence and a great substitute for brie. Smooth, buttery and deliciously well-rounded, this white mold cheese boasts all the qualities of a creamy delight.

This smooth and creamy brie is a little special to us. Named after Lucas and Alise's daughter, Lucy - it's small, cute and simply irresistible. Perfect for two to three for an appetizer, on the grill or baked with pistachios and balsamic, our Little Lucy Brie will have you coming back for more.

Welcome to the decadent meal I dream about every late December, when I want even simple foods to feel festive. Yes, I am seriously making the argument that baked brie should be a dinner dish. Or, if not dinner, maybe a luxe part of it, so perfect for this blustery, celebratory time of year. For dinner you might eat this with a big green salad and a cup of soup. You might set this out as a side dish with a big roast. You might put it out as part of a party spread too, an oasis of savory among all of the cookies and molten cakes.

Hi Deb,I recently came across your recipe for Baked Brie with Garlic Butter Mushrooms and I just had to try it out. I am a big fan of brie and I was excited to see a new twist on the classic recipe. I have to say, I was not disappointed!

The garlic butter mushrooms were a great addition, they added a nice depth of flavor to the brie. I also loved how easy it was to put together, it made for the perfect appetizer for a dinner party. I served it with some crackers and it was a hit with everyone. The brie was perfectly melted and the garlic butter mushrooms added the perfect touch of flavor.

If enjoying the cheese on its own, lighter wines like a Sauvignon Blanc will allow you to pick up the delicate flavors of the brie cheese. A Chardonnay is also lovely to play on the buttery notes present in both the wine and cheese. 59ce067264


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