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Canoscan N650u Driver Windows 10 64 Bit __EXCLUSIVE__ Download


Canoscan N650u Driver Windows 10 64 Bit __EXCLUSIVE__ Download

How to Download and Install CanoScan N650U Driver for Windows 10 64 Bit

The CanoScan N650U is a flatbed scanner that can scan documents and photos with high resolution and quality. However, if you want to use it with Windows 10 64 bit, you may encounter some compatibility issues. In this article, we will show you how to download and install the CanoScan N650U driver for Windows 10 64 bit, so you can enjoy scanning with your device.

Step 1: Visit the Canon UK website

The first step is to visit the Canon UK website, where you can find the official support page for the CanoScan N650U scanner. You can access it by clicking on this link[^1^]. Alternatively, you can search for "CanoScan N650U" on the Canon UK homepage.

Step 2: Select your support content

On the support page, you will see a list of options to choose from. You can select "Drivers", "Software", "Manuals", "Apps & Functions", "Firmware", "FAQs & Help", or "Error Codes". For this guide, we will select "Drivers".

Step 3: Download the driver file

After selecting "Drivers", you will see a list of available driver files for different operating systems. You can filter them by selecting your operating system and language from the drop-down menus. For Windows 10 64 bit, you will see one driver file named "ScanGear CS-U Ver. 5.7.1a". This is the driver file that you need to download. Click on the file name to open a new page with more details.

On the new page, you will see a description of the driver file, its version, size, release date, and compatibility. You will also see a disclaimer and a license agreement that you need to read and accept before downloading. To download the file, click on the red button that says "Download". The file will be saved in your default download folder.

Step 4: Install the driver file

Once you have downloaded the driver file, you need to install it on your computer. To do this, follow these steps:

Locate the downloaded file in your download folder and double-click on it to open it.

A window will pop up asking you to extract the files. Choose a destination folder where you want to extract them and click on "Extract".

After extracting the files, go to the destination folder and find a file named "Setup.exe". Double-click on it to run it.

A window will pop up asking you to confirm if you want to run this file. Click on "Yes".

A window will pop up with a welcome message and some instructions. Click on "Next".

A window will pop up asking you to select your scanner model. Choose "CanoScan N650U" from the list and click on "Next".

A window will pop up asking you to connect your scanner to your computer. Make sure your scanner is turned on and connected to your computer via a USB cable. Click on "Next".

A window will pop up showing you the progress of the installation. Wait until it is completed.

A window will pop up telling you that the installation is finished. Click on "Finish".

Step 5: Test your scanner

After installing the driver file, you should be able to use your scanner with Windows 10 64 bit. To test if it works properly, follow these steps:

Open any scanning software that you have on your computer, such as Windows Fax and Scan or Paint.

Select your scanner as the source device and click on "Scan".

Place a document or photo on the scanner glass and adjust the settings as needed.

Click on "Preview" to see how the scan will look like.

If you are satisfied with the preview, click on "Scan" again to start scanning.

Save or print your scanned image as desired.

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