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Bob Marley-B Is For Bob Full Album Zip [PORTABLE]


Bob Marley-B Is For Bob Full Album Zip [PORTABLE]

the album is easily the most enjoyable listening experience one can have in the realms of experimental jazz, for a number of reasons. the fact that it is a collaboration is really a bonus, for this music is best experienced as a collective effort. also, the fact that this is a tribute album is also a bonus, for the soundtrack is, by and large, a whole lot of fun. and finally, the fact that it is a tribute is also a bonus, for this is, quite simply, the most accessible album of its kind available to the consumer, for there is no pretence at over-writing, only an acceptance of the truths and myths of the music. this is a jazz album that explores the wonders of the human soul, and there are no restrictions as to what any artist feels free to explore and express.

this is the first full recording of a trio involving drummer sunny murray, bassist edgar berg and one of the great innovators of modern rhythm and blues guitar, pianist jimmy smith, who made his recording debut on this album. the trio quickly broke into the mainstream. on a technical level, its simplicity gives way to increasing complication, and its structures start to echo the orchestras of jazz (and future) legend miles davis. however, the emotional impact still comes from the acoustic and semi-acoustic worlds of soul and blues, which has its own traditions and its own musical diction, particularly in the art of the blues chord. (ks)

this is quite possibly the most idiosyncratic and controversial recording in all of jazz: guitarist george benson, best known for his guitar work with miles davis and thelonious monk, playing standards like my funny valentine and well over half of this album as an unaccompanied trio. the albums title comes from the first of the standards on the album, which was recorded in a single take. since then, many recordings have been made of the song, some from different takes, but bensons recording has consistently been regarded as the definitive one. a label that gave up on records in 1983 is now reissuing them as they were originally recorded. (ks) 3d9ccd7d82

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