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Chess Course Book Praful Zaveri

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This brings us to the end of our two-part journey with Praful sir. We had a blast talking about everything from chess to the growing chess culture, to coaching, and of course, life! We sincerely hope that you had just as much fun reading this as well. Furthermore, we hope that you learned something new and instrumental from this interview.

The study of chess books is necessary for every chess player. If you are a beginner then you should study on the board to get maximum understanding of the chessboard. In this blog, I have suggested you best chess books for beginners. The following are some best books for beginners to improve chess skills quickly. I personally studied most of them. There are many books that I want to recommend, I will defiantly do 2nd part of this subject.

This book is published by a new chess publication. In this book author Franco Masetti given 1001 selected exercise for beginner level. Highly recommended book for every player who wants to improve his tactics. You can buy this book from here

Bruce Pandolfini, a National Master in U.S. chess competition, is the creator of the highly acclaimed Fireside Chess Library. He is a renowned instructor, a consultant on chess for the media, and a frequent commentator on the Radio. In this book, the author has covered all aspects of basic endgames that every player should know. This is a highly recommended book for beginners. Personally I have studied endgame from this book when I was a beginner. You can buy this book from here

my system is written by Aron Nimzowitsch in 1925. This book is known as a world-famous chess classic book. If you want to improve your chess you must study this book by heart. In this book, Aron mainly explained the basic principles of chess. If you ask any player/ coach then he will suggest this book only. You can get this book from here.

British Grandmaster and famous author John Nunn has written the book 1001 Deadly Checkmates. In this book, he covered many types of checkmate. The book was published by Gambit Chess. Understanding checkmate patterns is very much important for chess players. You can buy this book from here 1e1e36bf2d

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