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This is probably the first Australian jazz album I've ever heard, more because there was a big gong the other day I didn't know it was Australian before, and those satellites were basically one of the best compilations I've heard for some time... Maybe we should make some of this a regular thing...Had I known, I'd too have let the gong ring! The album has lots of other things I like, although the boatloads of soul in this band can't be overlooked! Haven't heard much from WA. Probably about time. Hey, I haven't heard much from OZ..

pretty hard not to love this massive homage to fine music. Sara Pattinson has been writing about music for all of my life so I know she's not a garage band. This is top-shelf jazz with breezy tunes, clever lyrics, and a newfound sense of humanity. Her voice sways as softly or as vigorously as you want it to, she channels Aretha, knocks out dirty funk, and strings up a wicked solo. Her high, full harmonies recall Sarah Vaughan and Doris Day but her bright vocals are not one-note. She's coolly ironic and endearing as a heroine of jazz and blues and just makes you want to be in love. A year ago, this woman was unrecorded, unknown. Today, having released one of the best pop albums of 2015 to date, she's poised for a big 2016. Here's hoping she takes the world by storm next summer with the release of There's A Stranger That's Been Lying In Wait.

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