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Exploring KenSoul through Food

'Chakula' in swahili translates to English as 'food.'

If you are a foodie like myself, you will love everything about the swahili cutlure through their food. The Swahili cuisine is heavily influenced by the Arabic and Indian culture in a special way.

4 days out of 7 days in my kitchen is a big swahili food offering whether it is chapati, mandazi, freshly brewed chai or kahawa, kuku wa mzazi, pilau, biriyani and the list goes on and on.

My food offering goes beyond the swahili foods, moving into my signature luo dishes including fried tilapia, fried mbuta, omena, osuga and many more. 

welcome to my KenSoul experience.

"KenSoul represents my Kenyan soul that allows me to stylishly weave stories of my Kenyan origin and global influences in the KenSoul experience"

Liz Ogumbo-Regisford.

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