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English For Lawyers I

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A high level of English remains essential for any lawyer wishing to work internationally, but transferring language skills from the classroom to the workplace can be challenging. This book shows non-native, English speaking lawyers how to apply their English language skills to everyday legal situations and contexts, providing essential guidance to ensure they can work confidently in different settings and mediums.

Including activities based on real-life scenarios, the book will allow lawyers and law students to practise their English in key areas of working life, from networking and client meetings, to telephone and conference calls, contract drafting and contract negotiations, presentations and using social media. Written by two highly experienced legal English language tutors, both former legal professionals, it also features online support material that includes listening exercises to complement those based on writing and reading comprehension.

Natasha Costello is English, a solicitor (non-practising) and former senior lecturer in law at Manchester Metropolitan University. She currently works as an independent teacher in Paris, France and teaches legal English to practising French lawyers and to law students at various universities in the Paris area.

"Two aspects of this well-structured and clearly written book put it ahead of the pack: its use of realistic and modern legal scenarios and the detailed and practical guidance it offers. It will be an invaluable resource for lawyers and law students who wish to improve their English language skills."

"This excellent coursebook provides ideal soft-skills training in English for lawyers working in international contexts. Rather than focussing on a more traditional four-skills approach to Legal English, it concentrates on the professional skills attorneys need to best represent their clients. It has filled a long-standing gap in the market, and will provide enjoyable and effective training for practicing lawyers. Highly recommended!"

Due to the rapid expansion of international relations it has become extremely important to provide various intellectual services not only in Russian but in the English language also. This applies to law firms that have to provide consultancy services not only to Russian-speaking customers, but to English-speakers as well. Therefore, the experts in law firms have to understand and speak English for lawyers at upper intermediate level at least.

Secondly, while learning English for lawyers, you are communicating with British lawyers who are fluent in all the subtleties of legal terminology and the specifics of English for lawyers. Also, thanks to online training with British practitioners, you will be able to understand even the most complicated legal documents written in English.

A further benefit to think about is that English for lawyers online gives the same level of training and linguistic education as regular full-time courses! Therefore a lawyer who successfully completes Legal English courses online will be well-oriented in all legal terms; will be able to translate complicated legal documents, contracts or any type of additional important notes and will be able provide professional consulting service.

Specialists who are very good at English for lawyers and who know the terminology will be able to understand complicated issues in international Legal English and law law and they will always be welcomed as employees for any international company!

You can choose between a range of English for lawyers courses either in London or online. The courses are aimed at lawyers, legal professionals, law graduates and law students. They include preparation for International Legal English Exam, TOLES, which has replaced the discontinued ILEC exam.

Our trainers are specialist English language trainers with particular expertise in English for law. There is important input from the legal world: sessions led by professional lawyers provide an authentic and pr

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