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Vectric Aspire License Code


Vectric Aspire License Code

The 'Registered User Name' from your license information should be entered into the 'Licensed To' area of the form and the license code can either be copied and pasted into the middle row of the dialog or manually typed into the lower section if 'Enter license code manually' is selected. The Next > button will become available when a code of the expected length has been entered.

If the product is already licensed then a module code can be entered at this stage instead of the product code. If you wish to manually activate both a product and module code the product code should be added here and there will be an opportunity to add the module code later. Pressing Next > will set the license and display the summary screen.

Note: Customers will receive an email containing the download link and license code directly from Vectric Ltd. Orders placed over the weekend or after business hours may require an additional business day or two for the code to arrive. 1e1e36bf2d

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