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Fujitsu Scanner Error Code Ds41003

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Fujitsu Scanner Error Code Ds41003

I am not an expert with regard to these devices but to troubleshoot I have only done a couple of things. Uninstall the drivers, reboot the pc and reinstall the latest drivers. Nothing changed. I am using the latest TWAIN drivers from Fujitsu's website Opens a new window. Again, the scanner will scan one side of a page at a time but will not scan double sided for whatever reason. After you scan one side of a page, an error message comes up and says,

I did not realize it but the 7160 scanner (uses USB3.0) had been functioning with the TWAIN drivers for the previous model (6130Z, USB2.0) . Once Fujitsu had me run a patch, the 7160 was FLYING through 2-sided scans using their PaperStream Capture software/drivers. I ran the scanner in PP14.5 like before and it flew through the stack at about 1 page per second double-sided, but at about 40-60 pages, I receive an error message from PP while it is processing the data: 59ce067264

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