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Sims 4 Stealing Mod

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And we dont mean just little bits and pieces of kleptomania. Some players report that their Sims go as far as stealing pet toys and even robbing karaoke bars. Yikes. When the Sims 4 team said they were thinking about burglars for The Sims 4, we didnt think this is what theyd meant.

Here's what happened when Twitch streamer TieTuesday, some of his pals, and one of the mod's developers got a bit carried away stealing level triggers in a prison level (they do cuss but are mostly nice boys):

This is also a fascinating look behind the curtain at how Source levels are built, poking at different kinds of entities, stealing essential unseen objects, breaking scripting, teleporting through walls with a satanic gun, and getting into places that weren't meant to be seen. It celebrates the artificiality and clever tricks of virtual spaces while robbing them blind.

Still, the embedding of password-stealing code to take on pirates has raised serious concerns from security experts regarding the collection and storing of user data without their consent or a warrant.

I loaded an earlier save and when I arrived in Sanctuary Hills the first thing I did was take all the ammo and cores from that cabinet, to stop anyone stealing them. But when the mutants attacked one of the settlers still stole a suit of power armour! I think the settler must have brought a fusion core with them when they arrived in Sanctuary Hills. Usually I trade with new settlers to take nice loot from them and make sure they have some ammo and a bit of leather armour, but I must have not done that for this guy.

I'm going to nuke Sanctuary Hills (so help me God!) because of all the stealing going on in that place--armor, weapons, ammo, FOOD (sometimes) too! All I need to do is finish cleaning it completely out, construct artillary, use the smoke bombs to aim, and BOOM!

I have solved all the stealing and sleeping in your bed, sitting around in your house...Build a house where ever you like but use a wall instead of door. When you come home just click into build mode, click on wall, walk through then hit B to cancel. Bingo. Your home and no one has touched a thing. Mine is on top of Red Rocket. Works great.

Getting your weapons & power armor back from settlers or companions is a non-issue, as you can simply trade gear back for free, & tell them to exit the armor. No big deal there. Settlers won't refuse to return items or leave town. They won't even take a projectile weapon unless they have ammo for it... However, here's the kicker: If your settlement is under attack while a merchant is there, the merchant may also enter empty power armor & take a stored weapon to join the fight. They have plenty of various munitions in their inventory, & they can take power armor even if there's no core in the frame or in their stash. In fact, ANY friendly NPC can use power armor without a power core during a settlement attack. I removed all the cores from my fleet & they're still used by settlers during settlement fights just the same. However, merchants won't give it back. After the battle is over, there's no option to retrieve any of the stuff a merchant took. If you try to steal or trade back a weapon yoinked by a merchant, it won't show in their inventory, presumably because they've equipped it, & there's no command option for merchants to exit power armor. Trashcan Carla entered my Atom Cats armor, & took a highly modded rifle from my workshop during a raider attack. Now I can't get them back. The rifle isn't in her inventory, but she still pulls it & fires it if attacked. As for the armor, you can kick a merchant from power armor by stealing the core (plant one first if there's not one in already), but they'll turn hostile, getting killed by settlers & turrets unless you have a high steal perk. Leaving a corpse & power frame in the street for the rest of the game ain't cool. Merchants will also exit your stolen power armor in Bunker Hill, at the sales counter, but it's hit & mis


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