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After the loss of their record label, the band would stay together, but would not formally release music again until 2009. The band would go several years with minimal outward communication with the public, but would instead commonly release a new song for internet streaming once or twice a year to show they were still together and progress was being made on future releases.[16] The band would allude to Let It Go as a tentative title for future releases at the time.[17] From their Myspace account, they streamed early versions of many songs, including the track "Ingenious" in May 2005,[18] "Breathe" in May 2006,[19] "Blame Me" in June 2006,[20] and "Texas" and "You Lie" in August 2007.[21]

"We really want to release something but we're the most prolific we've ever been so we've been recording like crazy. It's hard to stop. We've got a couple of rock records almost ready and we're almost done with our acoustic record, we promise...You're definitely going to hear a raw version of Lo-Pro which was always our intention. I love our first record but, holy crap, it was over-produced. We don't nit pick as much anymore, we move on. The acoustic album will be a first as well....We're lagging but we're really hoping the get this acoustic record out first in the spring with a rock record right behind it."[16]

Despite plans to release music in early 2008, the band feared the material felt more like a demo than a finished product, so they began to rework, expand, and further polish the material more in further recording sessions with Angus Cooke.[31] The band would post two more tracks, "This Way" and "Get Out of My Way" in August 2008, neither of which would make the cut for future releases.[32] Murray would also release a demo of a piano-based cover version of the song "Drive" by The Cars, of which he was unsuccessful in convincing band members to record a full band version. The early version of "Texas" was even featured briefly in the Scrubs episode "My Bad Too" in 2008.[33][unreliable source]

The band spent the first half of the year quietly working recording more music, before announcing in May 2009 that they would be part of the "Stimulate This" tour in mid-2009 with Staind, Shinedown, Halestorm, and Chevelle.[34][35] The band would also briefly join Creed's reunion arena tour, around the same time-frame, playing on some of the dates where Creed would record their live DVD Creed Live, which broke the world record for most video cameras used at a live music event.[29][36] With the album still not ready, but the band wanting something to release to capitalize on the high-profile touring, they instead opted to release a six track extended play titled Letting Go.[37] The band would release a physical copy at their live shows in July, and a digital copy in October.[38] The physical version contained six tracks, "Texas", "Hang On", "Alive", "Today", "Breathe", and "Letting Go", while the digital version lacked the track "Alive".[37] Murray mentioned that "Alive" was kept off due to "single potential" for their future full-length album, although the track had already been made available for free download just prior to touring.[39]

After the 2009 touring, the band returned to the studio and completed their second full album, which they would announce to be The Beautiful Sounds of Revenge.[40] The band announced they had signed to smaller indie label "Rocket Science Ventures" and that the album would be released on May 25, 2010,[41] though it was eventually delayed two weeks to June 8 to fit a few more songs on the album.[42] The album's first and only single would be the track "Alive", which was released on May 4, 2010.[42] The album contained all tracks from Letting Go except for "Today", plus an additional nine tracks, although many were reworked versions of tracks streamed in the time between the two albums.

The band toured in support of the album in the second half of 2010, most notably an acoustic show in the benefit concert being put on Aaron Lewis in support of his charity foundation "It Takes A Community" on August 14, 2010.[43] Additionally, the final version of the song "Texas" is a playable track for the game Tap Tap Revenge 3.

After the release of The Beautiful Sounds of Revenge, Murray confirmed that there were still intentions of releasing an acoustic album as he had alluded to in the years prior, but the band had wanted to return from their inactivity with an album with an electric sound closer to their original album first, then proceed with the acoustic material.[31] Recent comments have confirmed working on recording acoustic material.[44][45] In August 2010, they released a new acoustic version of "Clean the Slate", different from the version available on their Myspace in 2007. It was originally in contention for the acoustic album, but was ultimately left off. 153554b96e


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