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The country is always ready to face any disaster. Disaster management is a concept of proactive emergency preparedness in the country to prevent disasters from occurring at a large scale. It helps in the preservation of human lives where in case of an emergency, India can be saved not only from the impact of the disaster, but also be taught a lesson. It involves strategies to help people with personnel and resources to control and reduce any damage let alone when the disaster occurs. The objective of disaster management is to reduce the human suffering caused by disasters. This primary means of action includes prevention, preparation, and response. The second and last phase of disaster management is recovery. The focus is to identify and minimise the impact of the disaster and restore the status to normalcy. The necessary precautions are then taken to prevent the recurrence of the incident.

As Penny, America's favorite gorgeous girl next door on The Big Bang Theory, actress Kaley Cuoco has brought new meaning to the phrase "love thy neighbor." We've had the pleasure of photographing Kaley Cuoco three times, and each Watch! cover and pictorial shows a different aspect of Kaley's personality and style: from a geek to glam fashion shoot with the cast in 2009 to a sexy, Madonna-inspired session, to a playful romp in the English countryside. d2c66b5586


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