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Horde 2 The Citadel English Down |TOP|


After you finish the game you will see a trophy picture of every animal you have killed and which one is the most prestigious one is determined by trophies you collected. After the game is over you can still find some animal trophy pictures in your video section, sometimes it's hard to recognise the difference between the trophy animals because of how realistic they look.

At the end of level 11 you change your weapon to the trophy Gun. The trophy gun changes the way you fight animals but the weapon still does the same damage. So while you are using the trophy gun, you still kill the same animals that you would if you were using a gun. To level up you need to hunt trophies. Every time you kill an animal it gives you a point and every time you kill on trophy it adds 2 points meaning you need to hunt 10 animals to level up. On level 15, you unlock the Bison and on level 16 you unlock the Elephant. The trophy gun can be used to hunt almost all animals in the game. I suggest you try to hunt the trophy animals to work out which trophy animals you like most, and concentrate on those until you've unlocked as many as you can while you are hunting them. Sometimes it happens when you miss that you get more points then you are willing to let go of, so keep that in mind.

This isn't the best way of getting the achievements. My suggestions below are the best I can think of. Basically this achievement is given once you reach level 29. To get the achievement you need to first complete the game and get all the normal achievements. Now that you're done just replay the game. You will start off at the last level. At the end of the level you will be awarded a trophy called "The hunter 2012" or "Hunter 2012". No matter which trophy you get, just go to your trophy section and you will see that the achievement is unlocked. d2c66b5586


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