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Phoenix Rising 

Dripping with zeal and zest, Liz Ogumbo's ‘Phoenix Rising’ experience is not the ordinary; The Liz Ogumbo Brand is a genuine reflection of her personality and artistry.


As a multidisciplinary creative entrepreneur, she unites her passion for life with her love of African lifestyle and culture to weave an extraordinary story to share with the world.


The Phoenix rising experience attracts a sophisticated intellectual-lifestyle- appreciating audience whose senses are enticed and intrigued by various layers of lifestyle offered authentically through undertones rich in African culture & heritage.


Liz Ogumbo's exuberant wine tasting experiences, live music element, bold fashion exposé and a moment to share the narrative behind her creative stories complement other creative elements that can bring a 360-degree touch to the ‘Phoenix Rising experience.’ While she brings in the music, fashion, and wine experience to live, there is an opportunity to invite the chefs and artists from different regions of her tour to complete this experience.


This experience features the worlds’ most notable chefs to bring in a touch of exquisite cuisine and tops it up with Africa’s contemporary art that has played a significant role in shaping the culture and history of the world through featured African Contemporary artists.


Liz’s music ‘KenSoul’ nurtured from her roots that extend through to her Luo tribe in Kenya, fused with her passion for South African wine that led her into the wine business, weaving through to her fashion inspired by her culture and created by her soul will ignite this memorable experience.



Independent  |  music@lizogumbo.com , +27 823329161


Management & Bookings:

Nicolas Regisford  | music@lizogumbo.com, +27 823329161



Angelfish PR |  annie@anglefishpr.co.za +27 83 325 4445

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