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Quarkxpress 2015 For Mac


It's fantastic to see that so many solution providers around the world share our excitement and have refreshed their tools to support QuarkXPress 2015 in time for its upcoming release. axaio software is a longtime Quark technology partner and we're delighted that our joint customers will be able to immediately benefit from their MadeToPrint software supporting QuarkXPress 2015, says Matthias Günther, Global Director, Business Unit at Quark Software Inc..

With its new 64-bit architecture, which replaces the 32-bit version, MadeToPrint for QuarkXPress 2015 delivers significant performance improvements for PDF export. In the same speed and quality, QuarkXPress 2015 takes care of file handling and layout rendering. On top of that Quark surveyed customers around the world to discover and rank the features that were most important to them and included these features in QuarkXPress 2015:

QuarkXPress 2015 11.1 Final Release is a comprehensive Desktop Publishing Software designed to allow users create layout, text formatting, printing, design, color management and lets you easily publish documents, whether electronic or printed, developed for both Mac OS X and Windows computers. It works as a word processor, graphic editor and utility of Web design. It also allows us to control the process of creating the document, from the beginning to the last touch for document publishing.

QuarkXPress 2015 for Windows and QuarkXPress 2015 for Mac OS X both provided in direct download with Softasm. The program has an intuitive interface that is specifically designed for creating high-quality and professional layouts; new tools to create print publications, Web pages and Flash files. In addition to features such as access to the Breadboard and export documents to PDF files, EPS, SWF, QXL, QXB, QXP, QPT, QXD,QXT and HTML latest version provides integration with other applications (graphics, video and other).

The software, the successor to QuarkXpress 10, will begin shipping in early 2015. Its biggest new feature is a new 64-bit architecture. This allows the application to use the entire available RAM on a host computer to significantly boost performance, particularly when dealing with large documents with a lot of high resolution images.

System requirements for QuarkXPress 2015 are Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion), OS X 10.9 (Maverick) and OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) as well as 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 8.1. The software will also feature tool palette, measurement palette and palette group docking on Windows.

However, Quark has said that, in a deal that has been backdated to 1 October, anyone who purchases a new license or upgrades to QuarkXPress 10 from now until 31 December will receive QuarkXPress 2015 free when it becomes available.

You're going to love the new features in QuarkXPress 2015 because they are your features. In fact, we've included the top 10 most user-requested enhancements. Work faster with unbeatable 64-bit performance and an array of features for print and digital production such as certified PDF/X-4 output and fixed layout eBooks. Work smarter with new designer-controlled automation including footnotes and content variables.

Q2ID will convert versions 3.3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 2015 and 2016 of Quark to InDesign CS5, CS5.5, CS6 and CC 2014-2017 in the same way that the native InDesign plugin converts version 4 (at the time of writing). Just select File/Open. However, Markzware are up-front about the fact that no conversion is perfect, and some reworking will probably be required.

Markzware cater for this requirement as well with ID2Q. This converts Adobe InDesign v1.5, v2.0 and CS through CC 2015 files (Windows and Mac). If you'd like to see ID2Q in action, click here to view a test conversion I made using Quark XPress 8 and InDesign CS4.

With QuarkXPress 10 came dramatic improvements in image rendering speed and some other nice feature updates. QuarkXpress 2015 may become one of the more important milestones in the history of this venerable layout design application.

The most pressing need for Quark was to make QuarkXPress 2015 more stable and faster. The answer is QuarkXPress 2015, a 64-bit app that installs by drag-and-drop on OS X. A new text rendering engine adds to the feeling of speed, in addition to the Xenon Graphics Engine image rendering technology introduced in QuarkXPress 10. The new version runs on OS X 10.8 or higher, and on Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 (all in 64-bit).

QuarkXPress 2015 comes with an alternative: animated, fixed layout digital books based on the ePUB 3.0 standard, which complies with iBook, Kindle, etc. The new mobile publishing capability is much cheaper than an app for multiple reasons. In QuarkXPress 10 you could already create static such files, but in the new version content can be fully animated. Just as with any other app, you can add slideshows, videos, audio snippets, etc. It all works much like what you would do when creating an app.

QuarkXPress 2015 supports larger page sizes, much larger than its predecessor. Whereas QuarkXPress 10 supported pages of up to 48in, version 2015 supports up to 224in (569cm). It does slightly better than InDesign CC even (216in). You can now also save custom page sizes as presets in the New dialogue.

QuarkXPress is often used to create Annual Reports, which always requires a good deal of tables to be included. Until now, tables were a bit of a pain in QuarkXPress. Large tables nor Excel worksheets worked well with QuarkXpress 10 and earlier, causing frustration and taking much time to get it right. With QuarkXPress 2015 comes a new type of table, the Inline Table, which can hold very large numbers of rows and spread automatically across pages. For these tables in particular new one-click styles are available while importing from Excel .xlsx worksheets is fast and fool proof.

QuarkXPress 2015 was the first version to use a different naming scheme. It was completely 64-bit and added fixed-layout ePub and Kindle export as well as exporting layouts as PDF/X-4. Quark claimed to have added the top 10 of all user-requested features.[11]

La version 2015 esta teniedo muchos problemas: se desaparecen las imagines de los iconos en la libreria, cuando vajas el programa y lo abris nuevamente te crea recuadros en blanco, te mueve las imagines a un lado, etc, segun la herramienta en la que estabas cuando lo bajastes. alguien tiene la solucion

Quark Software Inc. unveiled QuarkXPress 2016, the next major version of Quark's design and layout tool for print and digital publishing. Coming in the second quarter of this year, QuarkXPress 2016 is built on outstanding performance and stability introduced with QuarkXPress 2015.

As the plug-in interface is the same between QuarkXPress 2016 and QuarkXPress 2015, XTensions, plugins to QuarkXPress, will work in the new version uninterrupted (provided the XTension does not conflict with any of the new functionality). This is a benefit to users who have already invested in XTensions for QuarkXPress 2015.

Customers who purchase a new full license of QuarkXPress 2015 or upgrade from ANY previous version to QuarkXPress 2015 will receive an upgrade to QuarkXPress 2016 absolutely free of charge when it arrives in the second quarter of 2016.

A new version of macOS released in 2016 to accompany the release of macOS 10 in 2015.Since macOS was introduced as a separate operating system in 12 Sierra, it now bears the brand name macOS in honor of its rival OS X, iOS, and tvOS. 153554b96e


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