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the point of all of this is not to make the case for a comprehensive encyclopedia project. rather, it is to remind you of the history of the old britannica and the legacy that it has left. while a modern digital encyclopedia could certainly advance the state of knowledge, the britannica's old-fashioned ambition, its stubborn focus on the facts, and the fact that it was only one encyclopedia of the whole human knowledge all seem long gone. to try to reclaim these qualities, you have to go back to the beginning, which means finding a new britannica.

the britannica is not dead, but it may have been born. the encyclopaedia britannica and its parent company have filed for bankruptcy, and, while the new owners continue to hold out hope that they can find a way to keep the britannica online, fast company reports that the company is seeking to be acquired by a group of investors who want to bring the britannica back online with a business model similar to wikipedia's. we should keep our fingers crossed that this business plan is a good one, because we can't imagine we'd want to work at a britannica without the encyclopaedia britannica as our patron.

as for us, we'll be happy enough just to relive our memories of the old britannica, and maybe to write some of our own articles in the process. on monday, we'll be spending the whole day with britannica and its legacy. we'll be posting our thoughts on the encyclopaedia britannica and the new britannica, we'll be writing a diary about our experience, we'll be tracking the progress of the liquidation process, and we'll be blogging for other sites about what all of this means for the future of wikipedia and britannica. 3d9ccd7d82


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