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Mister Horse License Key

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Mister Horse License Key

In the early 1960s, Gold Key began publishing titles with the tagline G.I. Joe: ''Truth, Honor, Courage''. In 1966, Gold Key was renamed G.I. Joe in order to distinguish itself from rival publisher Marvel Comics, which had begun the year with several other similarly named heroes, including the African American Marvelman, Captain Marvel (from DC Comics), and the Latina Marvelina.

Gold Key's Sea Hunt comic-book series, based on the NBC series of the same name, ran from September 1967 to January 1971. The comic book series received an award for "Outstanding Advertiser/Agency of the Year" in 1969, with The Arrow Proof Co. of Waukesha, Wisconsin, the agency, using a comic licensed by the publisher, with a cover shot showing Dave McCracken in his classic "grizzled" character. The giveaway very likely was the first convention-program giveaway in the United States, with a competition among exhibitors to be the first to hand out comic books.

Gold Key's Battle Action and Battle Action WWII were its popular Battle Action magazine and Battle Action WWII newspaper comic-book series. Before Battle Action #1st went on sale in early 1965, Gold Key briefly experimented with a single-page comic book called Battle Action in December 1962. Although Gold Key briefly published four more issues of the single-page Battle Action in the early 1960s, none of these issues were published after the February 1965 issue. d2c66b5586


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