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Loose Tea To Buy

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Loose Tea To Buy

Experience premium loose-leaf tea with our handcrafted signature blends and single-estate full-leaf teas. As a trusted tea supplier and certified B Corp, we offer a large variety of premium loose-leaf teas to make it easy for you to buy tea online and enjoy the health benefits of making fresh tea at home. Browse the whole collection or jump right to: Bestsellers, Green tea, Matcha tea, Oolong tea, Black tea, or Herbal tea.

Experience the traditional way to have a cup of tea. It was only just over a hundred years ago that Thomas Sullivan was accredited with the popularization of the tea bag. And certainly, while the convenience of not having to measure and filter out tea leaves has some clear-cut benefits and is a time saver in its own right, there's just something about brewing with loose leaves. It brings you back to the days of old, gives you something in common and connects you with the thousands of people that have brewed this way for centuries.

Our English Tea Store brand offers an array of different flavorful loose leaf tea blends, fit for any palate and any occasion. Whether you are into Ceylon, Breakfast, Afternoon and White Blends or maybe you just prefer the simplicity of a classic Assam, Black or Green Tea. We got them in stock. We also carry Oolong, Loose Leaf Iced and Decaf Tea.

If you are not sure what you're into, feeling or what to get, check out our Loose-Leaf Samples. These samples provide you with an opportunity to try a handful of loose-leaf tea blends to find something you will really like.

A good rule of thumb when you are making your own loose-leaf tea at home is approximately 1.5 teaspoons for every 8 fluid ounces of water. You can change the amount depending on how strong or weak you would like your tea; more tea will equate to a stronger tea.

It is generally accepted that drinking loose leaf tea is in fact good for you, this boils down to a couple of key differences between loose leaf tea and its teabag counterparts. Loose leaf tea is in most cases, fresher. This in turn gives you more antioxidants and the health benefits simply from consuming a fresh blend. Most loose-leaf blends also see a little bit higher quality in their standards giving you more substance and real pieces of the "tea plant," or Camellia sinensis than that of the powder blends in teabags. Steeping fresh tea leaves will definitely give you some added catechins and antioxidants to help your overall health versus that of your standard tea bags.

While it is ok to drink some loose tea leaves, as they are edible, there really isn't too much added benefit in doing so. A lot of the properties and catechins that are released in the tea do need to be steeped in order to materialize. This means that consuming loose tea leaves prior to steeping isn't going to do much for you aside from provide you with a little fiber. Consuming too many tea leaves, steeped or not may actually upset your stomach.

Let us match you with our premium loose leaf teas.Explore over 150 different loose leaf teas from around the world in the Simple Loose Leaf tea shop. Japan, China, India, Sri Lanka, Africa and so many more!

Explore our collection of organic loose-leaf black tea including traditional blends like English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Darjeeling, Assam, Himalayan, Kangra Spring black, rose black tea, Hibiscus Rush, and Temi Sikkim Black Tea. Black tea may be beneficial in lowering cholesterol, reducing heart disease risks and hypertension, and having many other health benefits.

Simple Loose Leaf was started in 2013 by three siblings and we run it together to this day. We started this journey to help make loose leaf tea more approachable and fun. We offer 150+ different loose leaf teas that can be experienced in our sample subscriptions, gift tea memberships, samples, or our 4 ounce containers.

Drinking loose tea leaves is the best way to explore the incredible variety of flavours that Asia's great tea regions have to offer. Our range of


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